Naturalness in every step since 2008

As Ideal Su, our primary goal is to offer high quality products to our consumers. While carrying out production, our most basic condition is to ensure that the work we do is sustainable in the long term and to keep the damage to the environment to a minimum. As Ideal Su, we are proud to meet our consumers after a healthy and high-quality production process where you can drink every drop safely.

İdeal pH

PH value is a measure of the acidity or basicity of water. The pH value that is beneficial for the body should be between at least 6.5 and at most 9.5 . The pH value of Ideal Water is ideal at 8.23.

Why Ideal Water?

IDEAL WATER is natural mineral water coming from the Taurus Mountains, within the borders of Osmaniye’s Bahçe district. Ideal Water is delicious, clear and healthy with the minerals it contains.

IDEAL WATER, with its source at an altitude of 1,500 meters at the summit of the Taurus Mountains, is quite far away from the settlements and at an altitude, so it is protected from industrial, agricultural and domestic activities, and its natural mineral water is preserved in maximum hygiene thanks to the protection area created around the source. The water coming from its source is taken into a special pipe system laid in accordance with the food regulations and reaches the filling facilities after a long journey with its natural flow. It comes to the filling facilities in the center through an anti-bacterial pipe system and is bottled untouched by human hands and delivered safely to the tables

IDEAL WATER facility consists of 21 thousand m² open and 9 thousand m² closed area, equipped with the latest technology machines and the fastest production lines, and has a production capacity of 58 thousand 500 bottles of water – in different sizes – per hour with the French machine technology used.

Our Water Story

Natural mineral water is groundwater that comes to the surface from one or more sources, whose mineral content does not change, is protected against all kinds of contamination risks and does not undergo any chemical treatment. The most important feature that distinguishes mineral water from other waters is that it contains a specific amount of minerals when obtained from its source.

As Ideal Water, we comply with mandatory standards so that we can label our product as 100% ‘natural mineral water’. We work for you to enjoy the miracle that nature creates for you.

Healthy Packaging

Everything within Ideal Su is carefully examined. The slightest mistake in the water and packaging will trigger an alarm. As the Ideal Su family, we always do our job meticulously and never forget the awareness that we serve people. It is taken from the Ideal Water source, analyzed by expert food engineers in fully equipped laboratories, and then delivered to you untouched.

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