"Production without human touch"

Our Production Facility

The success and taste of Ideal Water comes from its use of natural resources coming to the surface from the Taurus Mountains and its preservation of the purity and naturalness of its source. he fact that our source is quite far from settlements and at an altitude allows us to safely deliver natural mineral water to you without being affected by industrial, agricultural and domestic activities. By creating a protection area around it, Natural Mineral Water is protected with maximum hygiene.


The water coming out of its source is taken into a special pipe system laid in accordance with the food regulations, and reaches the filling facilities after a long journey with its natural flow through the pipes

Our Water Sources

Ideal Water is natural mineral water coming from the peak of the Taurus Mountains within the borders of Osmaniye’s Bahçe district. It is extremely clean, sweet, clear and healthy with its minerals, pH value of 8.23, taste, color and smell. It comes to our filling facilities in the center from an altitude of 1050m at the peak of the Taurus Mountains, through antibacterial pipes, and reaches your tables untouched by human hands.